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Our Costa Rica Journeys

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Service Journeys to Costa Rica have many options. We coordinate 1 week to 1 month Journeys depending on the time of year along with many customized options!

We organize Journeys into the comunities of Nuevo Arenal, Santa Theresa/La Fortuna, Monteverde, and Flamingo Beach. We include a day or two of off time where you will have the opportunity to choose from zip-lining, whitewater rafting, hiking the volcano, enjoying the hot springs and more. led2serve pre-arranges all of your travel details before you arrive to make for an enjoyable and stress-free Journey. We provide comfortable lodging and fabulous local cuisine. You can choose from a more modest locaiton or bring your group beach front for a more "retreat and serve" setting. Transportation from the airport and throughout the country is provided for you. All meaningful community based projects are pre-planned and the details are ready for your arrival. This may include transportation to the project, materials, nescessary tools, and all logistics needed to support the project and partner during your serving time.


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You may fly from any location and join us! We arrange for all teams to arrive and depart on the same day. The night you arrive, we have our initial team training and welcome dinner. Projects will range from painting schools, teaching computers and light construction to delivering supplies, teaching swimming or helping a local homeowner! Depending on the team size and skill levels there will be a variety of projects.

Each Journey member should plan to bring 1 suitcase with donated items. More details can be found in your Costa Rica Journey Packet. You will also find this informatoin in the frequently asked questions area.

San José de Rivas

San Jose de Rivas

Nestled in the foothills of the highest peak in the Talamanca Mountain Range where the jungle tropics merge into the rainforest. We invite you to discover the real reason Costa Rica is called "The Rich Coast”…The people! Experience lifelong friendships, enjoy the Pura Vida, and labor for love alongside a humble, hard-working village of 127 who will make you feel at home in this Garden of Eden where abundance and blessings never cease and miracles abound by the minute. If you can catch them!

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Monteverde is one of the most lush and beautiful areas of the country. During our time in Costa Rica we will often take the boat over for a day or two to explore the area, enjoy nature hikes, birdwatching, and horse back riding. This area is also rich with opportunity to serve in the schools and on local projects. Bring your team of students or friends as we explore and serve in a stunning country!

Tieras Morenas

tieras morenas

Above the area of Nuevo Arenal sits an adorable town with many fun projects on our serving days. We support a local homeowner and community member as she coordinates many project for the school and local families. Whether painting a mural at the school, supporting her with English/Spanish lessons or bringing a dance team in for some fun ~ we are always eager to serve in Tieras Morenas!

Nuevo Arenal

nuevo arsenal

Our love for this community has grown stronger each year as we serve together to support projects in the local schools and throughout town. We’ve enjoyed painting benches, assisting with veterinarian clinics, supported local soccer and game days, painted for widow or elderly homeowners, built community gardens, and more. Join us as we explore this stunning region and continue to show what it means to be led2serve!

Escuela Santa Teresa Norte

escuela santa teresa

Teams will enjoy sleeping in the nearby area of La Fortuna as we travel to and from the school at Santa Teresa. This friendship has blossomed into a life time of memories as we have come along side the teacher and can align with her values and principles for teaching these 12-13 students each year. Sport clinics, computer classes, teaching english, and often Bible lessons with our Service Mission teams are just a few of the community projects they ask for when teams arrive. We create meaningful Journeys to give support and encouragement to a small school with a huge heart!

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