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San Jose de Rivas

Nestled in the foothills of the highest peak in the Talamanca Mountain Range where the jungle tropics merge into the rainforest. We invite you to discover the real reason Costa Rica is called "The Rich Coast”…The people! Experience lifelong friendships, enjoy the Pura Vida, and labor for love alongside a humble, hard-working village of 127 who will make you feel at home in this Garden of Eden where abundance and blessings never cease and miracles abound by the minute. If you can catch them!

San José is home to Los Gigantes and The Rock - a hiking trail through primary forest leading to an ancient Indian cemetery and an unforgettable view of the fastest growing city in the Americas. There are over 60 species an hour to count in the temperate tropical lower Montana rainforest. This is an EXCELLENT opportunity to learn Spanish from native speakers who are versed on topics from farming to medicinal plants, philosophy and of course, pure life.

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