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“Sometimes, you just need to change your plans. You need to press everyone just a little, encourage the team to think out of the box, and jump,” says Vanessa Puleo, Founder and Executive Director of Led2Serve. “We were not considering adding another USA location to our current Journeys, it wasn't in the "plan" but now is simply the time. No one can plan for something like this. We need to push ourselves. We can do it, and we should".

After watching the news and listening to stories of families hurting in Houston,texas the team at Led2Serve knew that adding another location to their already busy calendar needed to happen. It was a unanimous vote. While the organization is not equipped as a first reponse organizaton, they commit long term to sending teams to pre-determined USA partner locations. They know that in the coming years the people of Houston, and the surrouding area, will need ongoing support as they work to rebuild their communities.

Puleo and the team responded quickly when they realized the seriousness of this hurricane. They immediately reached out to leaders and colleagues in the Houston area to establish local serving partners, team lodging, and all necessary details to mobilize Journey teams starting this November. As additional dates are confirmed they will be posted on the Journey Calendar 

For more information, or to have a Journey customized for a team of 15 or more, please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Future Journeys & Events

Nov 18th - Nov 18th
Basket Brigade Central Florida
Orlando, FL
Nov 18th - Nov 18th
C21NS Basket Brigade
Nov 18th - Nov 18th
NewFED Mortgage Basket Brigade
Nov 19th - Nov 24th
Thankful to Serve - Houston
Houston, TX
Nov 19th - Nov 24th
Thankful to Serve - Houston (FULL)
Houston, TX
Dec 2nd - Dec 2nd
SaturdayServe, SCSO, Christmas Village
Sanford, FL
Dec 11th - Dec 16th
Hurricane Irma, Key Largo
Key Largo, Florida
Mar 18th - Mar 23rd
Leadership and Learning, Key Largo (Full)
Key Largo, Florida
Mar 25th - Mar 31st
Servant Leadership & Life
Houston, TX


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