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Making A Difference Across the USA

The team of Led2Serve, a Florida-based 501(c)(3), continually creates engaging and life-changing Service Journeys for people to join. Their collaborative efforts with community partners result in supporting local projects wherever they go! While Led2Serve is registered as a public charity, many of its leaders have a faith foundation and lead a particular Journey called a “Service Mission Journey”. On these trips they take teams into a community location and serve on projects which have a faith founded message throughout. Often times the theme is “servant leadership” or “serving higher”.

Founded in 2009, led2serve was created to equip, inspire, and mobilize individuals to serve others locally, nationally, and through many regions of Costa Rica. Its founder, Vanessa Puleo, was inspired to start the non-profit after her own meaningful trip to Egypt in 2006, “It was on that trip I realized that leaving a legacy was going to mean I significantly changed my life.” stated Puleo. It was not long after that trip she sold her business and applied a “service before self” attitude.

One of the tag lines of the organization is “Serve Hard, Play Hard”, and they take that quite seriously! All journeys have fun and adventurous activities built into their schedule while serving at any of the over 20 partner locations throughout the USA and Costa Rica. Recently, the organization added an Adventures Director, Yolanda Puleo. Yolanda creates options for the ‘down time’ during each journey for team members to explore, adventure, and play. Fun activities may include hiking Rio Celeste in Costa Rica, white water rafting down the stunning rivers of North Carolina, or snorkeling in Key Largo.

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Building Character through Journeys

Founded in 2009, led2serve was created to equip, inspire, and mobilize people to serve others locally, nationally, and through many regions of Costa Rica. “Engaging people at every age and skill level is something that changes their lives dramatically” says Vanessa Puleo, Founder and Executive Director, “When individuals and teams engage in life-changing serving opportunities they begin to see life, serving, fun and community blend as one. Eventually, they can envision incorporating a piece of serving into every place they travel.”

Service projects can range from building a ramp for the disabled, painting a school, or participating in an environmental clean up effort. Students then are able to balance their hard work by taking part in activities such as zip-lining, snorkeling, white water rafting and other fun and adventurous activities.

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Building Character through Service Journeys

st johnsAre you looking to be a better person inside and out? Founder and Executive Director, Vanessa Puleo, states it best. "Quite simply, it all comes down to who you hang with. If you want to play great tennis, play with someone who's better than you. If you want to be an amazing artist, take lessons from the best. And if you want to be a person of character and integrity, and be a better person yourself....hang out with people who have those characteristics. Watch what they do, read what they do, and serve like they do. Chances are they are serving others along their walk of life." 

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The Environment and Relationships

Picking ripe coffee beans, planting fields of corn and engaging in various reforestation projects around the farm were the ways that a led2serve team served locally at Arenal Vida Campesina in La Fortuna, Alajuela, Costa Rica. These students worked together in three groups to learn and cultivate new skills and enjoy fellowship with one another. The purpose of this serving day was to provide these students with a hands-on learning experience of a typical day for employees on the farm. This service learning project gave the students the opportunity to engage in community and environmental sustainability education during their month-long stay in Costa Rica. 

IMG 0096

With led2serve’s mission to build relationships within the communities they serve, Arenal Vida Campesina has been a partner location for led2serve over the past five years. Arenal Vida Campesina is a self-sustained, organic and cultural education center that strives to share the true life of a rural Costa Rican family and preserve the customs and traditions of Costa Rica. 

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Century 21 North Shore Group & Led2Serve Join Forces!

Led2Serve announces an innovative new partnership with Century 21 North Shore Group, New England’s leading real estate brokerage firm. This new alliance blends traditional real estate services with intentional community outreach resulting in a substantial impact not only locally, but spanning across the USA and Costa Rica. C21 North Shore New England This effort will engage, create and supply agents with amazing opportunities to support local projects and make a life-changing impact in communities whose basic educational and housing needs are not met.

For decades, Century 21 NS Group has prided itself on giving buyers and sellers the highest level of service in the home buying and selling experience. Now, they have taken on a cutting edge role by providing customized service projects within those local communities. “We’re excited to give back to our local markets through purposeful service projects that will positively impact those in need. For us it’s not just about business, it’s also about making a real difference,” shared Jim D’Amico, President of Century 21 North Shore Group.

"Significant, good things happen when you take two great ideas and put them to work for one outstanding cause,” stated Vanessa Puleo, Founder/Executive Director of Led2Serve. “Partnering with such a forward-thinking organization will enable us to send more teams, make more community impact, and continue the development of longterm service projects.”


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Future Journeys & Events

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C21NS Basket Brigade
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NewFED Mortgage Basket Brigade
Nov 19th - Nov 24th
Thankful to Serve - Houston
Houston, TX
Nov 19th - Nov 24th
Thankful to Serve - Houston (FULL)
Houston, TX
Dec 2nd - Dec 2nd
SaturdayServe, SCSO, Christmas Village
Sanford, FL
Dec 11th - Dec 16th
Hurricane Irma, Key Largo
Key Largo, Florida
Dec 11th - Dec 16th
Journey Leader Training, Key Largo
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